Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Women, One Bathroom

The hardest part about moving to my new apartment is the fact that it has exactly one (1) bathroom with one(1) sink in it, and my mom and I have to share it.

Now, I know that there are married people out there who probably enjoy their mornings in the bathroom together (having resolved to move to Spain and take a string of European lovers, however, this will never happen to me). I would like to remind you that my mom and I are not married, and there is very little to enjoy about being awoken by an obsessive-compulsive cat who must eat NOW NOW OMG NOW! and then while you're taking care of him, your mom sneaks into the bathroom and occupies it for the next thirty minutes. And you have to get ready too.

My mom is nekkit on the other side of the door, people. She's not a sexy Alpine god (Spanish, Italian or Swiss, I'm good) whose back I can't wait to wash. So, while she's in Nakedland doing Naked Things, I have to manage to get everything else together when a good deal of what I need to do has to happen after I dress. I'm seriously considering just going to work and showering there. And we start work at just about the same time and are just about equidistant from our respective places of employment, so it's not like one of us is just an early riser or running late.

I'm starting to think about setting up a little vanity in my bedroom, but there are a few things I can't add to it. For instance, this is the year 2012, not 1812, so I'm pretty sure I can't put in a "water closet" for those times when I just really have to go OMG.

But other than that, I love my new place.

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