Thursday, March 22, 2012

Forget quitting, I may get fired

A guy just walked into my office, and I was talking with him. I told him that he needed to find a new word other than "rush" to prove to me that a project is important because they all say "rush" right now. His response? "Hey, I like Rush Limbaugh." I said, "Well, he thinks I'm a whore, so I don't really care for him." the guy was amazed. "What?" I said, "Birth control" and his response was, "Well, I gotta go." Yes. Go. Really. He said, "Are you voting Obama then?" I said "No." and he said "Good." I didn't have the heart to tell him that the person I will be voting for won't suit his ideas either.

The worst part is that only one woman in my office knew what I was talking about. Hello, Ladies! This is how our rights will be stripped away! Ignorance is not bliss.

Anyway, your daily rant


  1. One: He's an idiot. (Rush and/or This Guy. Take your pick, or have both.)

    Two: I love your tag.

    Three: In regards to the birth control issue, I simply CANNOT UNDERSTAND why people who strut around being anti-abortion, but don't want to supply birth control. I'm pro-life (I'd only ever want to see abortion offered in very special circumstances), so--for me--it is completely logical to apply the idiom of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." If women have access to that which PREVENTS unwanted pregnancies, then abortion rates should drop, yes? How is this a bad thing? The women wanting choices/control have that, the people wanting abortions to not be so frequent also get what they want.

    Rush calling someone a slut for at least TRYING to be responsible (assuming the worst of her, no less) is about as ridiculous pretty much anything he says.

    1. A lot of people believe that the second a sperm enters an egg, there is life. I can't tell someone how to believe, but the Torah says that life begins with the heartbeat, and that isn't until about six weeks after implantation. There are about three days before a sperm meets up with an egg, and another few days until implantation. In that time, anything can happen. But for someone who believes that it's already a life, I can understand that they'd get upset if the uterus was not in optimal condition to receive the zygote because of HBC, or if a Plan B pill were taken to induce a period and keep the zygote from implanting at all. But...our bodies can do those things normally, too, and usually do. You lose about four zygotes for every pregnancy because of unoptimal conditions or your period starting before implantation can occur. If every single blastocyst made it into implantation, there'd be a lot more Kate Gosselins and Octomoms in the world.

      Anyway, I get why some people feel this way (I don't think that everyone who is against abortion really values life all that much, I think they've got their own agenda Rush Limbaugh), but I wish they'd be more open to scientific fact.