Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lost Weekend

I had a great/odd weekend. It started by going to the OC Fair, and ended with a horrendous migraine.

I had a good time, though. I ate with abandon (only some barbecue and some gelato), looked at crafts, watched a man blow a vase out of molten glass, and purchased some hand-carved wood knicknacks.

I'm still going to my kickboxing class, and I have to admit that it's getting easier than it was in the beginning. I'm not sure if I'm seeing a difference in my muffin top, but I'm feeling better.

The death of Amy Winehouse...Oh, that was interesting. I had been keeping myself from liking her because of the drug issues. But I couldn't help myself. Her music was so very good. Valerie is probably one of my favorite songs. I wouldn't download her or buy her CD's, but I would listen to her on the radio and youtube.com. I am so glad that there were no drugs in her system. It's sort of like the whole Mamma Cass choking on a sandwich thing, probably everyone really thinks it was true, but I am glad that she managed to get free and clean from drugs. I'm just so sad that she's gone at such a very young age. There's so much life out there, so much to live, and I can bet she had more music inside of her.

Anyway, not a whole lot else going on with me. I wish my life was that exciting.

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