Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, how was it?

All one of you are probably riveted by what my first day of college this semester was like. Well, the good news is that I actually found my class pretty easily (it helps to remember that the numbering system is wonky and that there is no actual "front" to the building), and that I'm doing okay with math so far. I mean, it's only been one day, but yeah. I took notes and paid attention and did all that stuff that I never did in high school like taking notes and paying attention. It helps when you actually get diagnosed with ADD and get medicine for it, rather than being told that you're just a daydreamer who needs to buck up and apply herself. Thanks, California School System!

There were a couple of couples where one member of the couple had gotten into the class, and the other half was attempting to get in too. Clearly, being in the same class as your SO is the biggest requirement for college classes. At first I was snarking on them in my head, because seriously? And then one of the girls told me how cute my shoes are (and they are-purple ballet flats with little ruffles and a bow. Twee!), so I decided that she couldn't be that bad. She had a bird on her bag, too, so we might be kindred spirits.

There was some other chick standing next to me while we waited for the previous class to let out, and she was complaining to some other chick about how they see peeps from HS, but no one acknowledges them, and that just sucks. How hard is it to say hi? Naturally, Complainer didn't say hi to anyone, either, so maybe, just maybe they thought she was being unfriendly, too. But that's just a theory I have.

Today is my niece's birthday. She's five, and she's beautiful and she's smart and she keeps getting in trouble at school for talking too much. I love her to death and all I want to do is give her a big hug and kiss and a sparkley My Little Pony. Happy birthday, Baby Bear!

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