Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School, Last Day of Freedom (fair trade)

I used to dread the first day of school. This will come as a huge shock, I'm sure, but like most people on the interwebs, I was not incredibly popular. This was due in part to my own personality, I'm sure. When you're superior to the rest of the world, it really is difficult to get along, but I won't absolve my classmates, either.

Anyway, who cares about them? I'm sure they're all living happy lives now, but I' an adventure! Yeah! Adventure. And stuff.

And let's face it; the first day of college is hella more fun than the first day of high school. For one thing, you know that 75% of the people in your class won't be there by the end of the semester, and out of that 75%, probably 85% of them are those complete hose bags that you hated in high school, so laugh at them as they ruin any chance of transferring to a reputable university. The other 15% probably had a horrible thing happen to them, like cut funding, illness, or death in the family.

The first day also gives you this mad confusion, as though you had never been on that campus, or any campus before (or maybe I'm just projecting onto you).

The first day is fun. Everyone wants to know if you're in their class. "Pre-calculus? Are you going to pre-calculus?" "What about pre-trig? Anyone?" We all want someone else to look for the classroom with. "Please tell me you're trying to find Chemistry 2!"

Misery loves company, and the maths building goes from 101-110 on one wall of classrooms, and then 135-145 on the next wall. Don't tell me the administrators dind't have fun with that design. If you're looking for 125, it's on the back wall, right after 146-150. I'll be three floors above you.


  1. LOL--I remember all of that!

    I especially loved the science building; it was a mish-mash of old and new construction, so there were these half-floors, sort of. Oh, I can't even *begin* to explain, except to say you could be on floor three, go up one flight, and be on five. To get to four, you had to go back to the first floor, pass through some doors, and go back up.

    It was INSANE. (And the professors always allowed extra time the first day, since virtually no one (except science majors) knew where the devil anything was. Including me.)

    (Unpopular kids--UNITE...someone's got to show the popular ones what real life's all about.)

  2. At least your professors gave people time! My Algebra professor actually almost kicked a kid out for being late because he couldn't find the classroom. If I hadn't been in this building last semester, I wouldn't have been able to find it, either. srsly.