Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To support or not to support

So, Oreo posted this picture to Facebook:

I saw it because George Takei (Sulu from TOS Star Trek) posted it almost immediately afterwards. I...don't like Oreos. Don't yell or throw things at me. I look at that, and I think about the lard-consistency of the frosting inside and I'm repulsed because of the taste. (I do enjoy the chocolate cookie part, though.)

Anyway, immediately afterwards, people who claim to be Christians started posting smack about Oreo and Kraft and Nabisco and even General Mills. Apparently, no one knows who makes Oreo cookies. On person posted that homosexual love is not real and cited John 15:13 (though without giving chapter and verse) that "Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay his life down for his friends." I know that scripture. It's basically Jesus telling everyone that he has big love for them because he's about to lay down his life for them. What it has to do with homosexuality, I have no clue. Jesus never spoke against homosexuality, he was too busy with all of the religious muckety-mucks who were running the temple and selling plastic junk to tourists for exorbitant amounts of money.

Another comment centers around wanting to bash [gay people's] heads in with a hammer because they shouldn't be allowed to live. (Oh, and God Bless America. Except for the gay people. They aren't American. Not really.)

Someone actually said that they only support "1 Man + 1 Woman 4 Life" which is great, but then I guess they don't support most of the heterosexual marriages in the United States at this time, because most people have been divorced and are on second or even more marriages.

Someone else bemoaned another "liberal" company destroying religious values and teaching "immorality." Um, newsflash? Corporate America does not destroy or build up or teach any sort of morality other than the morality of making as much money as possible. It's like the Baptists when they sent out their manifesto of how they can't "trust Disneyland to raise our children any more." The underlying fact there is that they are expecting a business to rais their children rather than raising children themselves. Corporate America is not responsible for how you or your children view the world. You are. And this view seems very narrow.

Someone else is saying that "God made us to be men and women, not gay and lesbian." I'll give you a few minutes to stop laughing. Yes! God made you to be either a man or a woman. Your entire identity is wrapped around that gender! When I sleep, I sleep in a womanly way. When I shower, it's a womanly shower. When I work, it's women's work. Or maybe I'm a person with a gender, and my sexuality is only a small part of who I am.

And now a call to arms to declare anyone eating Oreos to be a heretic. I may have to start eating Oreos.

The part that bothers me the most is that these people consider themselves to be Christians. Nevermind that they seem to have never read the Bible, they go to church on Sunday and listen to their pastor give a sermon against homosexuals despite the fact that homosexuals make up about .01% of the population and yet one in four children have been sexually abused. There really are fewer things in this world that are more horrifying than zealots, but I have to say that ignorant zealots are by far the most frightening. And I bet that most of these people would laugh about suicide bombers and say things like, "Do they even read the Koran?" when they themselves don't read their religious book. Only one person up there even attempted to recite a verse from the New Testament, and it was a verse that did nothing at all to punctuate their point.

I get into this with my mom sometimes. She's a "to the bone" Christian, but she actually reads her Bible, and she has admitted that homosexuality is mentioned four times. Twice in Leviticus, once in Timothy, and once in Corinthians. Jesus never mentioned it. He did exhort us to love one another. He said to love our neighbors as ourselves and put no stipulations. He told a story about a man who was hurt and bloody, and how someone who was not even of the same religion helped that man when the people of his own religion wouldn't touch him. He went to the areas of uncleanliness and loved people. He talked to whores and murderers and tax collecters and all sorts of people that the negative commenters would shy away from.

I get mad because these people are speaking for me. They are representing me. When I meet someone and they find out I'm a Christian, I have to explain myself.

It just makes me sad. It makes me want to walk away from the whole thing. It makes me want to turn against them. It makes me wish that Jesus would come back in some sort of crazy rapture and take only a few people out of this world, a lot of them probably homosexuals, and leave all these crazies behind. They are the blight on humanity. They are the ones who are bringing immorality into the world. They are the hypocrites and the heretics, and they are the ones committing sins against the commandments of Jesus, which are to love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. That's it. They can't even do those two simple things, and yet they insist that they speak for Christians everywhere.

All of those comments can be found here. I highly recommend you just stay away, it's really depressing.

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  1. I just discovered your blog today through the weird world of the internet. (I was reading the 1 star comments for Fifty Shades of Grey on Amazon and a user referred to your friend Cassandra who led me to you.) I am also studying at a university (but I'm in my mid 30s) and a Christian who supports equality for everyone. It's nice to find someone so relatable but I'd enjoy your blog either way! =)