Thursday, June 7, 2012

My book reviews

I read a lot, and I usually like to talk about what I read, so I've started posting about it here online. My reviews are not by a professional critic, but by me, a lover of books. I don't like some books. I love other books. I'm on the fence about some. Some are great books, but aren't my cup of tea.

Pictured: My cup of tea (no, this joke will never get old)
Why do I bring this up? Because over at OTF_Wank, there have been several author meltdowns at people who, like me, leave reviews depicting books that they're either so-so about, or just didn't enjoy. One author got all over a reviewer (a person who's blog is even solely dedicated to reviews) for pointing out horrible writing, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Despite samples being passed around and other commenters pointing out what was wrong with the writing, the author maintained that she was absolutely correct in everything and the reviewer was just being mean. Another reviewer had on their blog that they will read up to fifteen mistakes before putting the book down, and she barely got in ten pages before she put the book down. Honestly, these are reasons why I would not read a book. I am glad that these reviewers point this out so that I don't waste time or money buying the books and being disappointed. I go by what other authors recommend, and I enjoy reading reviews, even after I have read the book.

For me, talking about a book after I read it is a way to continue to connect with it. I would feel bad if an author felt sad that I didn't like their book, but I would hope that since they are an author, they know that not everyone is going to like what they have to say. I would also hope that they would know better than to come to someone's blog and start attacking the blogger for being honest about a book.

I want to tell authors that people want to like their books. We're readers, those of us who review, and we enjoy reading. We enjoy the worlds authors can create. But we also get upset when a world doesn't manage to make sense, or when text does not live up to its intended design. I know we currently live in a world where every child gets a trophy for participation whether they're a good soccer player or not, and your high school diploma is now just one of many diplomas you've received over the years, so accomplishment and achievement are no longer unusual occurrences. Everything is now rewarded, both failure and accomplishment. But at the end of the day, I read what I enjoy (and yes, I include Fifty Shades in that category).

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