Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bits and pieces...

Since the whole Ana/Christian thing has got me down (seriously, this is not a relationship to emulate! Johnny and June had a less destructive relationship, and he was an addict!), I'm just going to take a few things and type.

1. I hate my job right now. Not only am I currently doing three jobs for the pay of one, but now I have coworkers who are full of drama. Coworkers 1-3 do nothing but talk all day, coworker 4 does something all day, but no one knows what because it's not work, coworker 5 is pretty cool, but can be sanctimonious at times, coworker 6 is my homie, and coworker 7 is currently acting in an inappropriate way towards me. Not sexually, just...inappropriate. He's very clingy and kind of insecure right now, and he seems to want me to be his life raft. I'm just not down with that stuff. I can be friendly and supportive, and have been, but he's recently crossed the line. I've put in for some transfers, and hopefully one will go through. Both transfers will work with my schedule to help me go to college a little more full-time (hopefully three classes a semester).

2. I'm getting ready to go to the Goblin King's Ball, so I've been putting my costume together. I got a really pretty medieval costume online, and I've been tweaking it to fit my tastes a little more. I still need to do something about a mask. I'd like to paint one on since I hate masks, but I don't know if I'm talented enough, and face paint is expensive so it's not like I'd be able to just practise beforehand without dropping some Hamiltons first. Still, I'm really excited, and looking through the photo gallery at the website, it seems like I'll fit in with my costume.

3. I'm also getting ready to go back east just a few days after the ball. It's my niece's first birthday, so I'm excited, but I haven't purchased anything for her yet. It seems like my nieces both have plenty of clothes and toys. I've lately been buying the older one crafts that we can do together, but what can you do with a one-year-old? I've so far gotten them both matching blouses from Old Navy and some cute little matching bags to put them in, but that's it. I guess I need to hit up Toys R Us to work out what to do. Suggestions? I have a comments area for you to leave them! Thank you in advance!

4. I've started doing Yoga regularly. I really enjoy it, and I need the stretch in my back. My cat, who is OCD, has accepted this change of schedule and is actually enjoying it. He actually will come to my mat give a stretch in only a way a cat can, and then head off to the sofa where he will watch me for the rest of the time, silently judging me. He's a really funny little guy, so it totally cracks me up. The other night while I was twisting with my arms spread out on the floor, he put his paws over mine which was totally sweet. On the nights that I don't stretch, he gets really upset with me and will start stretching in the middle of the floor while looking at me pointedly. Suddenly that Cat Flexing book my mom got me years ago doesn't seem so crazy.

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