Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting ready for a vacation, or, Look how long I can procrastinate!

Monday night, I will drive to LA, leave my car at a car park run by persons of dubious criminal backgrounds, and board a flight (piloted by persons of dubious criminal backgrounds) to North Carolina, where my family and my friend Kim live. I have known about this vacation for about a month already. So far, I have:

Bought and wrapped a gift for each of my nieces

Managed to make a huge mess on the kitchen table

Not vacuumed the floor

Hired a pet-sitter (hey, there's one good thing!)

Not cleaned the bird cage

Not cut the cat's claws

Not groomed the cat

Not cleaned out the refrigerator

Not dusted at all

Not sat down to compile a list of things to pack (hint: underwear)

Whenever I pack, I always do it at the last minute. I'm usually up the night before I leave, cleaning, scrubbing, putting shampoo into little tiny bottles, and writing out a permission letter for the pet sitter should anything happen with the pets while I'm gone. Just once, I'd like to do things a little less frantically. But...I have to be honest...I don't think that's my thing. When I plan ahead, I always forget something, but when I do my frantic dash through the medicine cabinet, I always make sure I grab all the right stuff.

Does this come from my being visual? I think it could. I think that maybe when I'm looking through my closet and drawers, I get a better idea for how to put outfits together using only two pairs of pants and three shirts. (the variety comes from tanktops and undershirts that you layer. Really.) I think that when I'm looking at the medicine cabinet, I see all the stuff I use on a daily basis much better than when I'm writing out a list from memory.

Anyway, regardless, all of that stuff up there needs to get done, and it probably won't get done until sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Kim, get ready, 'cause here I come!

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