Thursday, September 1, 2011


So, I've already noted that my algebra teacher was not who I wanted/was expecting, and I hope I noted that even so, she's pretty cool and a very good teacher. It turns out that she's married to the guy I had wanted as my professor, so I guess they both must have the same teaching styles or something. I like her, and even though she's a little too enthusiastically "OMG, let's all be friends and get to know each other!", she's cool.

I was just looking over my academic plan for transferring to Cal Poly, and I'm amazed at how close I am to being *there*. I just e-mailed Cal Poly and asked for a campus tour date. If they don't answer me by tomorrow, I'm going to call. I hate being called, so I try to e-mail first...

I'm actually starting to get both scared and excited. On the one hand, I totally believe that I can get to my goal. On the other, I'm scared to death that it's never going to happen. I also wonder if my ambition is putting other areas of my life on hold, such as being friends with people my own age and not early twenty-somethings at a community college, and meeting boys. Lots of boys. I miss having boys in my life.

But life is a journey. Nelson Mandela said that you can rest when you make it to the top of a hill, and look around at where you've been, and where you want to go, and that the resting doesn't mean you're giving up. You can call each day a lifetime of its own, I suppose, and each phase of your life is the same. It's a time and a process, and Mr. Mandela is right that you should rest and see what you've acheived, and be able to---I don't know?--mourn?---what you've gone through and lost and gained, and review the parts of you that had to die, and the parts that had to evolve and expand in order to bring you here. Awareness begins with every equation being set to zero. We move.

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  1. Going back to school as an adult who knew what the real world was like and who had an appreciation for just how much a credit hour cost was the most rewarding thing I'd ever done. Good for you.