Friday, August 26, 2011

The story so far...

I'm doing really well in Algebra so far. I don't know if the issues I had with Linear equations last year sorted themselves out in my head over the Spring Semester or what, but I'm really doing okay so far. I'm even graphing correctly, and let me tell you: that almost never happens.

My teacher is okay. I thought I was getting this one man who is supposed to be a really good teacher, but I ended up with a woman who is also a good teacher, but I hadn't heard anything about her. I really wish my college would post full names, but instead I got C. Gonzales, who could also be C. A. Gonzales, only I didn't know.

Anyway, she's okay, and I'm definitely going to do well at least on the first test. But she's one of those that thinks everyone in the class wants to be friends, and we don't. I mean, not that they're not nice people. I already have friends, I don't need new ones. (Wait...maybe I do...) It's just sort of annoying to have to 'turn to the person next to you and hand them your page! See if you both got the same answer!'

My book hasn't arrived yet, and I have homework due on Tuesday. If the book doesn't arrive today (fingers crossed), I'm going to have to do my homework at the library this weekend, so if you see someone walking around south Orange County with a silver and maroon argyle sweater on, it's probably me, being preppy.

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