Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Dramazzz

I ordered my algebra book from because I could get a new book for the same price as a used book would be at the college bookstore, and I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. So I ordered it. And I waited.

I also ordered some birthday gifts for my niece, and they arrived at her house. My book still said it was in transit. I was waiting.

My class started on Tuesday. No book. Wednesday. No book. I told Amazon to send tracking status to my phone, which never happened. Probably because I did something wrong, rather tham because they did something wrong.



Saturday morning, I saw that the book had arrived at the post office in my town, but it didn't say "departure scan" at any point in the day.

I checked the college library to make sure they had the book because I have homework due on Tuesday, and I really needed the book.

I freaked out, and finally just went down to the library, got the book, and did my homework.

And I got home, and my book was on the porch.

Better safe than sorry?

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