Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When you have nothing to talk about...

Fake it?

I am tired. Like, taaaaaaahhhhhhhrd tired. My allergies are going crazy thanks to this wonderful SoCal weather of being hot one day and freezing the next. My cat has taken up sleeping next to my leg, and I eventually move away from him because he's really hot, and then he adjusts back against my leg and this goes on until I am off the bed. I read another YA novel that wasn't my cup of tea, but it was a very good book, well constructed and all that. But it took time away from the fourth Green Rider book, and let's face it, I love those books. I'm going to see my nieces in two months, and I'm really excited about that. It will be the baby's first birthday, which will be great, but I'm not really looking forward to leaving my cat home alone. I just hate doing that to my pets. Plus, pet sitters are really expensive. I paid off a credit card, and the company is still taking a payment out every month so I have to call them and shut that off. I have finals in a week. I have a test tomorrow.

I'm just really tired.

See how a rundown of real-world problems makes you seem like a whiner? This is why you say you're "fine" when someone asks you.


  1. So, the freaking insane weather is on both coasts? Niiiiiice. And tell Chekov that Dana is his spirit sibling, because she likes to get in bed with us and snuggle up, and it's like sleeping with a small oven. I hate waking up sweaty. Blech.

    You're coming out here in two months?!

    (You're no whiner. That thing about the credit card company? Wow!)

    1. Yes! I'm coming out July 4th, actually. To Greensboro this time.