Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, this week is almost over. I can't wait to watch Fringe tonight. I've been waiting for new episodes pretty much since it started. I love sci-fi, and Fringe is one of the first that really puts the "science," no matter how shaky, before the "fiction." Every episode holds a question and a puzzle, and I guess people said that about the show with the people stranded on the island, but I never got into that show. Anyway, I'm glad I get to watch Fringe tonight. I don't know what I'd do without TiVo. What did we do before TiVo? Oh, yeah. Video tapes. *cringe*

Anyway, I took my first math test this week, with a scantron and everything. And this was after missing a class, so part of the test was something I had only sort of peripherally figured out from reading the book and asking the teacher for an example before class started. I really hope I do well on the test. Really, really hope.

I do have a tutor now, a friend who subsidises her income tutoring. She really helped, and we went over all the areas where I make mistakes. Hopefully, I didn't make any of those mistakes this time.

Anyway, Disneyland this weekend. I think we're going to bring books and pretend to read when the cameras take pictures. No, that never gets old.

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