Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deflated hopes

So, I took a quiz in Algebra last week. I was really hopeful because I had been paying attention so well and doing my homework and taking notes...but I got a really bad grade. I would say it was probably a C-, depending on how she grades (curve, straight, etc.).

I was so very, very disappointed. I really thought that hard work and application could help me, but I just have no aptitude for math. Or maybe I'm a panicky test taker. If I check my answers in the back of my book, they're generally correct. If they're not, then I can figure out what I did wrong...

I'm just scared. Math and science are the two major components of getting a degree in Zoology and Animal Sciences. It's called a "Bachelor of Science" degree for a reason, yo.

My friend is going to come over and help me out. She's a professional math tutor and whatever she charges, it's worth it if she can help me. Maybe I rush through things. Maybe I overthink it. All I know is that if my GPA isn't as close to 4.0 as possible, I can pretty much kiss my hopes and dreams goodbye. :-(

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  1. I'm terrible at math, too...but I gave up early on, which you are NOT doing. You're making all the right choices, making more than an average effort--that alone shows you have gumption, that you're determined.

    Did you talk with your prof, see if she noticed any particular type of problem you're having difficulty with, or a specific method, perhaps? (I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure it shows, but I'm trying to pitch helpful ideas. Bah.) It couldn't hurt to ask, especially this early in the semester. If she knows now, she might can help you out. Worth a try--meanwhile, you and the tutor will be making headway!