Monday, July 30, 2012

Blaming women for everything

I find it more surreal than anything that Kristin Stewart had an affair with a married man. I also want to make it more than clear that I don't think she was blameless, and I think she's an idiot and that she tries too hard to be fresh, interesting, random, and intelligent. She's wanted to be mature for so long, but I think this affair just proves she's a stupid twenty two-year-old girl with a lot to learn.

But the focus that's being put on her for this affair, calling her the "second most notorious husband stealer in Hollywood" and just basically the belief that if she hadn't been willing, Rupert Sanders would have just gone home to his wife and lived the rest of his life in ignorance of what a dumb girl is like on the inside just makes me think of how unfair everything is to women.

This guy was going to cheat. He found Kristin Stewart. I have no idea if he had to look particularly hard to find her, or if he had been put off by other women before her first, I got nothing. I do know that no one really cares about him. I mean, he wasn't the one who "broke" Robert Pattinson's heart, was he? No, that was Kristin. He wasn't the one who betrayed the woman who protrayed his mother in a movie, was he? No, that was Kristin too. At least, that's what we've been taught.

Brad Pitt would have stayed with Jennifer Anniston indefinitely if Angelina hadn't come along. Eddie Fisher would have stayed with Debbie Reynolds indefinitely if Elizabeth Taylor hadn't come along. Rupert Sanders would have stayed with his wife if Kristin Stewart hadn't come along.

Men have no free will, right? It's not like any of those guys were capable of saying no. They didn't betray their wives. Their wives were betrayed by another woman. The guy is incidental.

You know, you hear women who have affairs talking about their lover's wives, and it's always, "Oh, she doesn't understand him! She's such a shrew! She's so horrible! She expects him to take out the garbage and play with the kids, like, every night or something! I mean, he's only one man." And then there's the women being cheated on saying, "Oh, she's so horrible for doing this to me. How would she feel if someone was sleeping with her husband?"

You see a twenty two-year-old man out with a cougar and you think, "Oh, he just wants sex." You see a girl of the same age out with a married man and you think, "Homewrecker." Why do men get this pass? Why aren't they held responsible? And why can't a woman just want to have sex?

I love this picture. People have been analyzing the look on Kristin's face, as though she emotes in any way. She looks awkward, but then she always does. There's no denying, though, that she's staring at Liberty. Her smile is forced whereas Charlize is practically giggling. It's a painful picture to look at, and it's easy to try and imagine what's going on in Kristin's head. You know. If anything.

I wonder if this will hurt Kristin's career. I wonder if it will hurt Rupert. I wonder if it will hurt Liberty. Mostly, I wonder when people will stop blaming the idiot child and start looking at the guy who is old enough to know better. I'm not excusing Kristin, but it takes two to tango. It's time to acknowledge this.


  1. Hehe, I loved this post all the way through, then giggled all through the last two paragraphs! Seriously though, it's exactly my thoughts on the subject too. I read this out to my husband and he said the cheated-on woman will blame the other woman rather than her husband/partner to allow her to forgive the partner and continue the relationship. Which does make sense, although not in any rational, logical way. I do sort of doubt it will hurt her career, given some of the things celebrities have definitely done or are alleged to have done and whose careers are thriving. I'm not even sure if it should affect it, her acting 'talent' hasn't, which should really be more significant!

    1. The only reason I could think that it would hurt her career is that she won't be as big a box office draw because the Robsten's will blame her for "breaking" RPatz's heart. But then she tanked in SWATH, so her star may have been fading then. Who knows? I do think this *shouldn't* hurt her career, like you, because that should be based on her acting "ability."

  2. I liked your post! A lot of people say they're not sexist but always blame the woman in those cases... Kristin is an idiot, but she was an idiot long before cheating Robert. I feel sorry for him because being cheated on is awful and it must be even worst with the media covering it incessantly. But I can't stop thinking that Rupert had a family and he's the one to blame for involving them in this mess. I think the cheater is always responsible. Ok, sometimes the relationship is a crap, but that's what breaking up stands for.

    Oh, and a friend of mine said Rupert tried to hit on Charlize first, but I couldn't find anything confirming this.

    1. I've also read several blind items that initmate that "Robsten" is a manufactured relationship, and that the only thing they had was deep friendship, and that Rob is just humiliated more than anything.

      I wish I could bet on how long it will take for them to get back "together." You know it's going to be before Breaking Dawn. The Twihards won't go to the theatres in droves if Robsten is still quits.

  3. In this case, I think Kristen is getting all the blame because no one knows who the heck Rupert Sanders is. Seriously, up until this scandal, I had never heard his name before. SWATH failed miserably, so that didn't put him on the map.

    This post reminds me of shows like Maury where some girl finds out that her man is cheating, so she beats and tries to pull out "the other woman's" weave while the man sits comfortably and relishes the fact that 2 women are fighting over him. There were so many times I wished that both both women would gang up on the man.