Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reading, Reading, Reading

I had a lovely three-day weekend this last weekend, and then I was sick a week ago, so I've done a lot of reading recently. I um...don't really have any sort of TV right now. I mean, I have a TV--I have two--but I don't have cable, so I'm just not able to turn on the Kartrashians anymore and keep up with them as I once did whenever I got sick, so between watching Downton Abbey on the internet and sleeping (with the cat on top of me because he can't possibly sleep anywhere else than exactly on top of me), I've been reading. And studying for biology, but reading is more fun.

So, I finished off the "Five Hundred Kingdoms" saga by Mercedes Lackey by downloading The Snow Queen, which has only a passing fancy with Hans Christian Andersen's beautiful fairy tale (everyone in the story is blonde! Blonde, I say!) and found myself at a loss as to what to do. As far as I can tell, I have completely exhausted all resources of paranormal and Sci-Fi/Fantasy that I find interesting. There is literally not one book Amazon is recommanding that I actually want to read. My friend Cassandra is systematically going through The Vampire Diaries and loathing it, so I really don't want to get started there. Plus, the whole Mercedes Lackey thing sort of turned me off of serial novels for a little while (until Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore comes out, but that's a completely different story), so I sort of feel lost.

I started going through my Kindle and realized that indeed, I have downloading A Lot of Books, and indeed, I have enjoyed a great deal of them. I feel sort of lost here. I asked for book recommendations on my FB page, and one friend recommended stuff, but her style and mine are sort of at odds with each other, another recommended Christian novels that I already know about, and I can tell you that Christian novels are about as much fun as Christian movies, and then my other friend admitted that she takes her recommendations from me, which made me laugh, though I do have excellent taste in books. [/LadyCatherine] (and, had I ever learnt to write, I should be a true proficient!) (oh, wait...)

I've read books that I hated (Twilight, of course, the Cassie Clare saga, and some stupid bit of Alan Rickman worship called The Strangely Beautiful tale of Miss Percy Parker, which is so obviously Harry Potter fanfiction it's laughable, and let us never, ever forget the horror that is Brahm Stoker and In the Lair of the White Worm. Shudder), I've read some that I love (the entire Hunger Games saga, some stuff by Patricia Wrede, a very recent purchase by Neil Gaiman, The Atheist's Daughter by Renee Harrell, and of course Cassandra Parkin's collection of New World Fairy Tales), but reading is addictive, and once you get started, you want more.

The hard part is getting involved in a series before all of the books are released. I remember just WAITING for the last Harry Potter book. After I read Catching Fire, I was counting the days until Mockingjay came out. Now of course Kristin Cashore and Gail Carriger have me hooked on their series (Changeling and Parasol Protectorate, respectively), and I find myself tapping my feet again. "Is it May yet?" "What about now?"

I want more books! More, I say!

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