Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parraje de amor

I should give a little shout-out to "my" (not really my) bird, who has been a trooper during the move. I don't really...I'm not...Oh, I don't know how to say this. I never wanted a bird, and it's not his fault that his daddy left him with me, promising to return for him, and then never did so. But I can't help that I never wanted the bird, and I have him, and I have to take care of him because I won't let myself not take care of him. Anyway, he's a dumb bird, but when it comes to moving, he's a trooper.

My cat sank into the Pit of Despair pretty much the second I put him into his carrier, but Rain was like, "Chirp! Chiiiirrrrrp!" I put them in my mom's car, and Mr. Chekhov started mewling like a hurt kitten, but Rain was like, "Chiiiiiiirp-chirp-cheep!"

I joke a lot about Rain's life expectancy (he's overlived it by four years so far, but my beloved guinea pigs just barely made it past theirs), and how I'll miss him when he dies, can he get on that soon? and then there's the whole, "Do you want to fly outside? Just for a few minutes?" routine that we go through...but the truth is that he's gained a toehold in my affections. He's grown on me. (Like a fungus...hey, I'm here all night!) I really do love that little nutball with feathers, and he's a real pain in the butt and he poops indiscriminately on everything, but I can't help it.

So, Rain, you'll never hear me say this again, but you've been a good bird.

Now pleeeeaaaaaase stop chirping so I can get some sleep already!

Oooh...edit...I wanted to add a little antecdote about one of our movers. He kept trying to say that what we own is expensive and it was any of his business. He told me that Rain is really expensive and told me what his name would be in Spanish (he was under the impression that Rain is a parakeet...he's a love bird...), and was like, "He's an expensive bird." I said, "he wasn't for me." "Oh? How much did you pay for him?" "Nothing. He was my brother's, and my brother left him with me when he joined the army" thinking, "that's why he has such a stupid name. who names a bird Rain?" The guy was like, "They cost 150 at the swap meet!" and I'm like, "Anyone who pays that much for a dumb bird deserves to get taken for that much money!" Seriously? 150? I do think that my brother paid more for him than that, and I still think it was ridiculous. I ended by telling the guy that I don't buy animals, that "Yo adopto de un centro de rescate, es por que yo creo en adoption." I still don't think he believed me.

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