Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh, hey, how ya doin'?

I can't find my Kindle, so no new Fifty Shades until I figure out where it is. I'm really upset that I can't find it...I have books I actually like on that thing!


  1. Speaking from experience, those things need to come with a GPS and "Find my Kindle" app. Or something. Homing beacon, maybe?

  2. Oh noes! I've reached the end of your blogs :(
    I stumbled across this blog halfway October and I've read every post. Not the comments thoufg.
    Anyway, I love(d) it and I hope you'll update soon. Thanks!

  3. This has been such a disappointment. I loved reading your sporkings/recaps of 50 shades of grey and have checked back everyday for a new post. I guess it's time to take this site off my bookmarks for it looks like the project has been abandoned. Boo.