Friday, January 20, 2012

Movin' on up (to the north-side)

I'm moving next week! OMGmyhouseissuchamessOMG!

The good news is that I'm moving much closer to work and the rent is several hundred a month lower. The bad news is that I'm moving farther away from my current college. I will be transfering to a CC a little closer to home. And that's okay.

I had a very clarifying situation happen that really helped me see that I am making a change that I will be happy with. I walked into bio lab and there was a severed shark's head in an aquarium (I'm assuming with preservative over it?). I posted to facebook later that I meant to take a picture of it to share (because I thought it was awesome like whoa). My friends' reactions were not along the lines of "Imagine waking up next to that! Haha!" One actually said, "Damn you!" in a sarcastic way while another was like, "uuhhhg..."

And then I realized that I'm exactly where I should be. This is what I want to do with my life. Not maybe look at severed shark's heads all the time, but dealing with animals either in a zoological setting or veterinary setting. It's what I want. It's who I am.

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