Friday, August 20, 2010


I went and got my books for this semester. There was a guy who was older than me, like 40's, 50's, and he asked what he was supposed to do. I told him that he had to find his books and then pay for them. Then there was a lady in her 60's with her 30-something son, and he was smiling and saying, "Did you get all your books, mom? Did you make sure you got them all? Maybe you should bring a gift for the teacher!" It was really cute.

Of course, everyone else was a teenager, going to college for the first time. I advised some girls taking math courses to get some test sheets, because teachers require those. Then I wondered if I should pick up a green or blue book, but I decided to wait until the classes actually start, because each teacher is different.

This semester, I'm getting history and economics out of the way, and I'm taking yoga so I'll know how to stretch better after my jogs. The good news is that I'm only going to be at college two nights a week, and the yoga class is on Saturday morning. Seriously, I can just roll out of bed and throw on a sports bra and some pants and go to class, which will be nice. Then I can come home and nap.

Well, I guess it's started again! Hopefully I can keep going.

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