Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Packin' it all in

So, I've found an apartment for me and my mom. I've gotten us boxes from the U-Haul place right next to our current complex. I've packed up the yellow pansy china that we never use, but are going to this time.

Fanny May is being just terrible to us. Well, I don't know if it's Fanny May the company, or just the jackhole that my mom's been dealing with. They gave us a timeline to get out, and we accepted. If we agreed to leave before the 2nd of February, we got 2,000.00, which would pay for the deposits at the apartment complex.

Well, this jackhole, Danny, decided that my mom's been "uncooperative" with him, and that he's not going to give her any money.

This is why homeowners rub feces on walls and blow up microwaves, Mortgage Companies of the world! Maybe you guys should look into what your dealers are doing!

My mom thinks he's just going to pocket the money, and I think she's probably right. She's tried calling people at Fanny May, but she just keeps getting voicemail and no one calls her back, so I guess they're sort of giving her the shaft, too. If one of your employees was stealing from you, wouldn't you want to know?

I've made out a budget for the year, and if I go twenty dollars in either direction, it could spell tragedy for me.

And I got a ticket.

On the plus side, I won't have to clean out the house that I'm vacating, because I'm leaving everything I don't want behind.

And I'm sort of tempted to smear some feces on the wall.

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