Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey, how's that whole "college" thing going?

I'm taking microbiology this semester. It's two five-hour classes a week, and it's pretty hard, but I'm enjoying myself. I love my lab partner, and the hot marine MP looking to get his nursing degree is totally talking to us and making the other women jealous.

I'm not the oldest person in the class. I'm not even close. More than half the class is older than me. A lot of them already work for medical facilities. All of us want something else, something more.

I've applied to volunteer at a zoo, and I want to apply to volunteer with a rescue of some sort. I really need to start getting involved in my field. It's what I need.

I can't say how much I love school. It's fun. The labs make me geek out. We're using agar plates! We have bacterium that we inoculate slants with! It's so much fun! It's a lot of work, too, but it's fun work.

I keep trying to envision my life in ten years, me doing what I want, maybe working on a Master's or PhD. Maybe I finally will get married, or maybe I'll just go for that villa in Spain and take that spate of European lovers that I keep daydreaming about. Maybe I'll have ten cats by that point and be totally alone. Who knows? The future's wide open!

I do know that I'll be doing what I love. Maybe I'll finally move to the South and be closer to my family and my friend Kim (who I will be marrying as soon as the laws allow us to ;-P). It's going to be great. I can't wait 'til it happens, but I don't want to cut the journey short, either. I just hope I finish college before this blog has to change its name to College at Forty.


  1. Hey, I love the news-post about college! Honestly, I enjoy hearing about it, even if I only dimly (as in, bulb-on-the-verge dim) recall agar plates, and I never used them. Boy, college was too long ago, and my squooshy brain is jealous of all the new neural pathways you're making.

    Hot Marine MP? Why am I only now hearing about this? Would he be willing to be photographed and texted to me? Tell him it's for your middle-aged married friend, and maybe he'll agree to a pity-shot. :D

    Bobby is totally okay with us getting married, but I'm not sure how we'll work out the arrangement. I fear we'd be too busy talking and lusting over hot men to give him the attention he'd expect. He's such a *man* about that kind of thing. ;)

    In all seriousness, having your future wide open is pretty awesome. You can dream BIG, and make it happen. These are exciting times.

    1. Your inbox is probably full of me right now, but...whatever.

      Hot marine! He's funny, I'll tell about him next time we talk on the phone.

      Poor Bobby. We can at least count on him for the hard to reach places...and the spiders what need killing.