Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yeah, I'm totally into this...

If someone was looking for a blog to follow because they're thinking of going to college at or after the age of 30, I probably totally let them down (sorry) these last few weeks. Stuff happens. I had a birthday, I've been studying for mid-terms (my college starts in August, so this week we have mid-terms), and I look at this blank screen and can't think of anything to write that's even remotely interesting. My life is really boring right now. Work, home, school, gym, lather, rinse, repeat...

Anyway, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I remembered that I wanted to bring some running shoes with me to keep in my locker because my co-worker and I have decided to jog during lunch. It was raining really hard this morning, though, so I thought I'd wear the running shoes (they're white, so I hardly ever wear them at home) to work and pack my cute little ballet flats in my gym bag. I decided to throw on my windbreaker, too, since I'll need it for this afternoon's jog. I saw my reflection as I stopped for gas, and I decided to text my mom about it with the final comment of "I'm turning into my mother!"

She wrote me back with, "That's nothing. I couldn't find my glasses. Guess what? They were on my head. I don't know WHO I'm turning into!"

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